Sunnivue Farm

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Sunnivue Farm
Protected by R.O.S.E.
(Redeeming Our Soil Economically)
As a Not-For-Profit
Community Land Trust Farm Since 1992


We are happy to announce that everyone, near and far, has the opportunity to observe the Sunnivue water buffalo swimming and bathing in their newly enlarged pond, since they have now emerged as stars on Youtube. Please go to for a great treat. Many thanks to Robert Jülke, who created the video.

Farm Store News

The farm store is open for the season and will be open Fridays 3:00-6:00 and Saturdays 9:00-4:00 until December.
      In addition to meats and a constantly increasing range of produce over the summer months, you will find in the store cheeses from Monforte Dairy in Stratford and breads from the Red Cat Farm near Grand Bend. Honey, maple syrup, ice cream and butter, and many other products are also available.
      We are sad to report that this season will be Dagmar's last at Sunnivue Farm and in the farm store. Dagmar has been so closely linked with the garden and the store for so long, and she has worked so hard and so effectively to make the store a welcoming and beautiful place bursting with wholesome foods, that it is difficult to imagine it without her.
      Before Dagmar embarks on a new phase of her life, she will be working with Alex and Ellinor to arrange and support a transition to new management in the store, so that it can remain a beacon of good food and good companionship.


Our Next Event

The annual ROSE/Sunnivue Winter Day will be held at the farm on Saturday, February 1. Please mark your calendar and stay tuned for further details.
Please contact to add your name to the email list which keeps you informed about Sunnivue news and events.